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Café Medusa

Because we care about our patients and visitors, we welcome you to try our Italian fabulous café where we provide a high quality beverages and different kind of snacks and food Varity.

Quttainah Medical Museum

We welcome our patients and visitors to take a “journey back in time” and view our medical museum located on Level 1 next to the Medusa Café.

While enjoying a snack in our café we encourage our clients to browse through the hundreds of items that make up the compilation of medical and surgical antiques from Dr. Quttainah’s personal collection. They have been collected and documented over many years ranging from the Islamic medical era to the late 19th century. Each item has a significant history that is detailed in the displays and many interesting facts and stories can be found in an informative book written by Dr. Quttainah that is also available in the museum.

From an original handmade Stethoscope made by the inventor Rene Laennec back in the early 19th century (1816) to artifacts from World War II you will be invited to experience the progression of medicine as you examine the displays.

We hope to enlighten our customers on how medicine has developed over the years and Dr. Quttainah hopes the museum will enhance your knowledge and ignite a passion and interest for the history of medicine. May the remarkable discoveries of those who have ventured before us motivate you to learn more about the advancement of modern science and medicine as we know it today.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity” – Hippocrates