Non Surgical Slimming

Non Surgical Slimming
The non surgical slimming clinic and QMC offers the most current technology that is proven eective for reduction in size and maximum slimming eects. Our machines are GP products as well as Storz Beauty Medical equipment which are approve d for non surgical slimming. We offer packages and sessions independently or in combination with surgery. Our experienced technicians will give you the most eective sessions to give the best result possible in your attempt to reshape and contour your body.
Skin elasticity decreases with age. e typical ‘orange peel’ appearance on thighs, buttocks and upper arms aects 80% of all women. e latest and most eective technology today is known as Acoustic Wave erapy (»AWT™«). AWT uses high-energy acoustic waves that are generated by means of two combinable therapy devices – planar and radial type applicators. Aesthetic and dermatological disorders such as cellulite, scars, edema (swelling) and stretch marks can be treated eectively and with long-lasting results. It can reverse or eliminate the visible signs of cellulite.
Measurable dermatological success
Cellulite typically appears on the arms, thighs and buttocks. e connective tissue is so and elastic and exhibits a wide meshed network of collagen bres. An imbalance between fat production (lipogenesis) and fat breakdown (lipolysis) within the cells leads to formation of large fat cells that bulge outward giving the typical dimpled appearance (orange peel skin).
The therapy success of the »AWT™« method is evidenced by the formation of a collagenous-elastic bre network in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. A signicant improvement in skin elasticity lasting over 6 months has been documented in clinical examinations.
What is AWT and why is it effective?
Acoustic Wave Treatment uses acoustic sound waves that are introduced into the eected body regions. e results
  •  Skin smoothing and rejuvenation
  •  Breakdown of fat deposits and drainage to lymphatic system
  •  Connective tissue tightening – Reduction of bulging fat
  •  Reduced circumference of aected body regions (slimming)
  •  Studies conducted in Switzerland, Germany and the US have shown a 110% improvement in skin elasticity.
Treatment Procedure
Contact gel is applied to the treatment region to ensure that the acoustic sound waves are introduced into the body without energy loss. Treatment is pain free. e applicators are gently moved in a systematic manner over the treatment area.
Treatment Duration and Frequency
Each cellulite treatment session takes about 30 minutes. Depending on the degree of cellulite, 6 – 10 sessions at 4 –
7 day intervals may be necessary.
Recommended Accompanying Measures
AWT results are enhanced with physical exercise and a low fat diet. 2 -3 litres of liquid per day are required to ensure rapid elimination of waste products.


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