Skin Care and Beauty

Skin Care and Beauty
Murad Skin Care Line
At QMC we are proud to be one of the ocial certied Murad Skin Care clinics in Kuwait. We use Murad USA skin care professional products in our facials. We have exclusive acne lines, whitening lines, anti aging lines and pigmentation lines. Our sta are educated in the use and eects of all Murad products and will explain to you
any products you would also continue to use at home if needed. See more details and product lines on:
Deep Medical Facial Cleaning
Oxygen Facials
Hydra Facial
Whitening and brightening facial/whitening of dark areas body
Eye treatments
Dermaroller and Dermapen
Acne Facials
Gold Facial
PRP Facial
Mesotherapy Infusion Facial
Microdermabrasion/Diamond Peel
Chemical Peels of Face and Body
Spectra Carbon Facial
As a clinic specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery, our skin care department uses medically approved and supported products that have clinical based evidence of providing results for a number of skin conditions. We do not promote products that have no proof of results. Our sta are trained in cosmetic plastic surgery skin care preparation for surgical procedures as well as post operative care of skin. We also specialize in medical skin care treatments for acne, dehydration, aging and sun damaged skin.
All of our products are approved for use by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for clinical use. Clinical evidence for the use of products such as salicylic acid, hylaronic acid, as well as numerous anti oxidant products and Retin A, have been shown to improve specic skin conditions.
Our clinic oers numerous types of medical facials, as well as Microdermabrasion (crystal peel) or the stronger Diamond Peel. This is a procedure in which medical grade aluminium oxide crystals are ‘vacuumed’ over the skin to remove any dead skin cells and allow for a renewed fresh appearance to the skin. e diamond peel diers in that the diamond ‘wand’ is controlled by the operator to allow for stronger or deeper treatment to problem areas such as pigmentation or wrinkles. e treatment is followed by a complete medical facial with skin products specic to your skin problem and type. If you are unhappy with age spots, acne scars, ne wrinkles or aking skin, microdermabrasion crystal or diamond peel skin treatment will give you a rewarding improvement in your skin’s appearance and texture. is unique approach removes dead and aking skin cells and stimulates the production of new cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical skin conditioning.
After your rst treatment, your skin will have a fresh pink glow. Improvement continues throughout your treatment program. You will see improvement in skin texture, irregularities, ne lines, acne and mild acne scarring.
Microdermabrasion treatment sessions include preparation of the skin, the crystal peel, cleansing of the skin, a post peel mask, application of antioxidants and moisturizers specic for your skin type and problem, as well as facial massage.
The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour
Pregnancy, hormone changes and sun damage can cause major skin color changes in the skin. Our newest anti – pigmentation technique improves the overall appearance of the skin by intensively treating these areas of hyperpigmentation. Our formula contains tyrosinase inhibitors, licorice extracts as well as anti-oxidants to achieve a powerful anti-pigmentation eect. Fruid acid complex is used to help with the penetration of the whitening formula. is treatment can be performed once per week every other week and the session takes approximately one hour.
Our staff is trained to use Murad products for skin care which also has a home use line to allow for rapid whitening and removal of pigmentation.
The latest trend in anti – aging is oxygen therapy. Crystal clear oxygen treatment breathes new life into tired and aging skin. It is perfect for environmentally damaged skin. It has an energizing and healing eect on the cells. It stimulates collagen production at the cellular level. It improves the appearance and integrity of damaged or smokers’ skin. is treatment is suitable for all skin types.
Upon assessment by our plastic surgeon or dermatologist, your skin problems may need to be addressed using a process known as a chemical peel. Chemical peels can remove excessive build up of dead skin, smooth and tighten the skin, lighten brown spots (hyperpigmentation), diminish puness or circles around the eyes and improve sun damage and aging skin. e intensity and type of chemical peel is dependant on your skin condition and need. It will be decided on by the physician. e treatment takes about 30 minutes. You may feel a slight stinging sensation that lasts only a few minutes. You may have aking of the skin aerwards for up to one week. some peels are stronger than others and all side eects and expectations will be explained in detail during your consultation. Frequency will be recommended by your skin care specialist. Most patients have very little down time and return to regular activity immediately.
Regular maintenance of the skin is essential for a healthy, glowing look. Skin problems such as blackheads, blemishes or dryness can appear unexpectedly and are oen caused by stress, diet, hormones or an ineective skin care regimen. Our one hour facial treatment can purify, balance and decongest the skin. It will promote radiance and excellent skin condition. It is a maintenance program that can be done regularly as recommended by your skin care specialist.
Stimulating facials can all assist in maintaining a youthful appearance to the skin
Acne can be a problem for both men and women. Our skin department and dermatologist can formulate a medical or skin care program for you.The facial neutralizes bacteria responsible for the spread of acne. It is best for combination, pily or acneic skin Natural fruit enzymes are used to remove supercial impurities, sebum, dead skin cells and blocked pores
including blackheads. This treatment can be done in combination with medical treatments from our physicians that are given to prevent and reduce the formation of acne. We also use Skin Medica and Murad treatments for acne prevention and care. ese products are recommended to be used at home to continue eective acne treatment.
The hydra facial is a high pressure stream of saline uid that is infused with mesotherapy serums such as vitamin c, hylaronic acid as well as other mixtures. e high pressure uid is absorbed deeply into the skin and pores giving a massage eect as well as maximizing the eectiveness of the product as it is absorbed at a deeper level. A facial cleaning is done with this procedure to completely clean out the pores and clear blackheads.
Leaving the face glowing clean and refreshed.
Whitening Facial
For patients who prefer lighter or one tone skin the whitening or clearing facial is a good option. It brightens and helps make skin one tone, removing blotching, pigmentation discolorationand can even skin tone. e skin will look radiant even aer one session, however packages are recommended for patients who have multiple skin problems or severe discoloration. A whitening mask is used as well as special products to brighten the skin. The facial is often combined with our IV hydration and whitening IV drip to improve and speed up results. Home products such as whitening line White Brilliance used at home can give a dramatic and long term effect.
Gold Facial
The luxurious gold facial can be used to help retain moisture in the skin, improve wrinkles and maintain an youthful glow. e gold facial involves cleansing, exfoliating and preparing the skin and pores, it can be customized to your particular skin type. Serums and massage help improve condition of the skin. It helps rejuvenate with its anti-aging and antioxidant properties and repairs sun damage as well as pigmentation control. Moisturizing and hydration mask is applied at the nal stage of the facial.
PRP Facial
The PRP facial is a multi step procdure that rst involves the withdrawal of a small amount of the patients blood which is then centrifuged by our medical sta to separate the platelet rich plasma. e plasma contains growth factors that assist in healing and repairing damaged skin. It causes increased collagen production as well as increase blood ow to the area. It has plumping eect and liing eect on the skin and results are seen immediately as well as more improvement over the next few weeks. After facial cleaning and application of a numbing cream the skin is lightly pierced by using a dermaroller to improve absorption and inltration of the PRP into the skin. e PRP is massaged deeply into the face and the dermaroller session continues. The whole procedure takes about one hour. Sessions are recommended with intervals in between to improve and maintain the skin appearance.
Mesotherapy Infusion Facials
Mesotherapy can help improve the condition of the skin. ere are many options for the mesotherapy products from whitening products to vitamin C as well as hylaronic acid and other serums. A full deep medical cleaning is performed by our skin care therapist and your skin assessment will help her provide a customized mesotherapy mix that will focus on your skin problems. The mesotherapy is infused into the skin by using dermaroller and massage to improve absorption. e procedure takes about one hour.
Carbon Q – Switched Laser Facials
The carbon laser facial is the latest trend in facial treatments to improve the quality of the skin, clear pores and
treat active acne.The skin care therapist applies medical grade carbon over the clean skin then the skin is passed over by the nano second lightening fast Q switched ND yag laser to shoot the microscopic particles into the skin to clean out the pores and kill bacteria on the face. e carbon facial is non invasive and you can return to normal activity immediately. Sunscreen SPF 30+ is recommended aer the procedure as well as some home use creams that will improve and extend results.
STP Overview: Scalp Tricho Pigmentation… An Advanced Form of Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) Scalp Tricho Pigmentation (STP) is a medical tattoo process that recreates an appearance of naturally growing hair for people who are balding or have thinning hair. e goal is to exactly replicate the appearance of shaved hair follicles or stubble of hair. It can be used to create a shaved look, thicken thinning hair, or camouage scars. It can also be used to give the shadowing eect for females with thinning hair to make hair appear more dense and cover exposed scalp. The impressions are extremely discrete and are comparable in diameter to a single hair or follicular unit. It is a similar methodology to a regular tattoo or permanent cosmetics procedure, but, the pigment is not laid as deeply into the skin, and the machine and pigments themselves are far more sophisticated.
There are currently 3 main ways that SMP can be used:
1. To create a shaved look that mimics the look of shaved or closely cropped head of hair with the appearance
of stubble.
2. To camouage scars from either Strip or FUE surgery
3. To “thicken” or increase the illusion of density in areas of thinning hair by decreasing the color contrast between scalp and hair. is is similar to the eect of cosmetic concealers like Toppix but with the advantage not having to be applied daily. is can be particularly useful in women. It can also be useful. It can also be very benecial for patients who have undergone previous surgeries, but who are still looking thinner than they would.
Scalp micropigmenation is a temporary procedure that needs to be repeated once every year. If your hair continues to thin and there is complete loss of hair, the tattoo will fade accordingly. e pigmentation can be done before or aer hair transplant as well to increase density effect.
Using pigment to simulate hair requires very specialized needles and ink formulations. is process cannot be done through the use of regular tattoo practices. Common tattoo needles are too round. And using this to apply ink would create very large, obvious looking dots. Typical Scalp Micropigmentation treatments not only use specially shaped needles to create realistic looking hair cross sections, but also attempt to use specially formulated ink that would oer more resilience to fading due to sunlight. The depth of the pigment injections also matters for the long term quality of the color. Dark brown or black
pigment can turn into a bluish or greenish shade over time. is has to do with how deeply the particles are embedded with the skin’s layers, rather than how the ink is made..
Micropigment is injected very supercially for most natural eect and the ink used is typically temporary, fading in about 12- years. Individuals who chose Trichopigmentation do not have to worry about facing possible embarrassment resulting
from color changes that occur on their scalp. Some fading may occur. But touch up procedures can help maintain the desired color saturation. e supercial injections of Trichopigmentation ensure that brown will remain brown and black will continue to remain a true blackTrichopigmentation can compliment a transplant surgery in both male and female patients.
Laser Hair Removal Facts
Are you tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing? Do you get razor bumps or acne-like breakouts when you get rid of unwanted hair? If so, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Dermatologists use lasers to remove unwanted facial and body hair safely and eectively. anks to advances in technology, most people can safely have laser hair removal. Removing the unwanted hair oen requires a few oce visits. Most patients need between 2 to 6 treatments. Afterwards, most patients are free of the unwanted hair for several months. When the hair re-grows, most patients see noticeably less hair than before. e hair also tends to be ner and lighter in color. Laser hair removal can be repeated when the hair regrows.
The lasers designed for hair removal can be used on most parts of the body. Many lasers eectively treat large areas in a short time. Full body laser with our rapid machines can usually be done in one hour. Laser hair removal can treat the:
  • Back.
  • Bikini/buttock area.
  • Chest
  • Face, especially the upper lip and chin.
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Legs and arms/ underarms
  • Men and women both can be treated at our center

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